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The belt with a bright lamp to light the way hands-free.  Perfect Holiday gift to keep everyone safe.

Adjustable to fit most.  S/M fits approximately 29"-48"  (XL no longer offered)

The rechargeable lamp comes with a USB charging cable and has two independent lights. One  can reach all the way down the block, the other has a soft wide beam that's great for runners because it doesn't bounce.   They come in easy to open environmentally friendly packaging.

Lights your path to avoid hazards & makes you more visible to cars when crossing the street. For emergencies, keeps hands free to hold children, pets and valuables while illuminating your surroundings     Practical for household uses 

LIGHTWALKER's lighting is closer to the ground for better depth perception than headlamp


Inspired by our beautiful rescued dogs and their desire to walk, even when it's dark out.

Sonia and Sandra Alvarado with​    
Derby, Bauer, Vago, Kato, Lucy & Ricky Ricardo
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Aces TV Inc (a California Corporation)

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LIGHTWALKER Belt Size S/M Now Fits Most
Over the years we have been making some improvements to our products.  
Our new LIGHTWALKER belt is is now adjustable from 29 to 46 inches,
The belt listed as S/M can now fit most.  It's also  more lightweight, and we added
a plastic loop so that you can easily clip your keys, a whistle, doggy bags, etc.

Our current lamp is a bright versatile lamp!  Push the button once and the top light 
will light up, push again to choose the COB light instead.  It's a wide
beam that lights your path and the sides, a great option for runners, because you
won't get the bounce effect.  The lamp is dimmable, so hold down the button to 
adjust the brightness.  The charging port is under the orange button.  You can charge it in about 4 hours.

How are you using your belt?
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tell us how you use it. Send us pictures too.

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LIGHTWALKER Belt - Born Out Of Necessity

November of 2010, I was walking my 4 large dogs in Los Angeles and didn't have a free hand for a flashlight. The shadow of a large tree did not let me see tripping hazards. I ended up twisting my ankle. When I got home, I got the idea that I wanted a belt with a bright light. Unable to find exactly what I had in mind, I made a prototype just a few days later. In 2011, I started selling online. In 2013, I began selling it on Amazon exclusively. It's a big thrill to know that other "dog people" and runners are now safer wearing the LIGHTWALKER.