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The belt with a bright lamp to light the way hands-free

Two adjustable sizes.  S/M fits approximately 26"-38" &  L/XL  39"-49"

The rechargeable light comes with a USB charging cable and has two levels of brightness plus a flashing mode.  A second button activates a motion detection feature that lets you turn the lamp On and Off by waving your hand in front of the sensor. They come in easy to open environmentally friendly packaging

Lights your path to avoid hazards & makes you more visible to cars when crossing the street. For emergencies, keeps hands free to hold children, pets and valuables while lighting your surroundings     Practical for household uses 

No need to attract bugs to your face,  look like a miner, ruin your hair, make your forehead hot,  blind friends shining a headlamp in their eyes

LIGHTWALKER's illumination is closer to the ground for better depth perception
Having a belt is practical, clip things to it like your phone, keys and doggie bags

Inspired by our beautiful rescued dogs and their desire to walk, even when it's dark out.

Sonia and Sandra Alvarado with​    
Derby, Bauer, Vago, Kato, Lucy & Ricky Ricardo

patent   US 20140192517 A1
LIGHTWALKER is a product of  Accessories LA & Aces TV Inc (a California Corporation)

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Selling out of  Light2run belt - on Amazon!
We are running out of our popular running belt with a lamp in the front and a belt that lights up to be seen from behind.  We regret the inconvenience.  We are producing more and it should be back  in stock in a week or two.

Our original LIGHTWALKER belt had an 18LED lamp and was designed primarily for walking in 2011.  Over the years, the majority of people who bought it, ended up using it to run.  Some people returned it because they found the lamp to be too large.  

We recently changed the original LIGHTWALKER belt by replacing the lamp for a smaller rechargeable one.  We have some in stock on   The improved LIGHTWALKER is ideal for walkers, runners, emergencies and for any situation where you may need hands-free lighting.  

NOTE: The original LIGHTWALKER will be obsolete soon, but we still have a few left  at a big discount in a 2-pack. They work great for walking the dog and  would be a perfect addition to your emergency preparedness kit: 
 2pack  there are a few available in Pet Supplies.  

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