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The LIGHTWALKER® belt was born out of necessity.  

One night in November of 2010, Sonia Alvarado was walking her 4 dogs by herself and didn't have a free hand for a flashlight. Unable to see obstructions on the ground, she ended up twisting her ankle.  

The problem sparked an idea for a solution. She just wanted a belt with a very bright light. Surprisingly, after searching extensively she couldn't find exactly what she needed, so she set out to create it.

"Less than 48 hours later, I had made the first prototype, my sister Sandra put it on and we tested in the back yard." Recalls Sonia.

The sisters started Accessories LA to offer the LIGHTWALKER® to other walkers.  Eventually runners became fans and it also became a popular item in emergency kits.    8 1 8 - 6 7 1 - 1 7 9 6

Inspired by my awesome rescued dogs and 
their desire to walk, even when it's dark out.

                                        Bauer, Kato, Derby, Vago