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(original model 18-LED lamp- walking light)  
There are only a few left in a 2-pack listing, at a big discount

We are also selling it in Amazon UK and a few other European countries

​Wearing your   LIGHTWALKER

EASY TO WEAR - over clothes adjust your belt to fit over your shirt or jacket (for women & men)
We recommend you take it off to size it, make it tighter or bigger, it's easier that way

The button should be on the top

PRACTICALITY - the belt is made of strong 1 inch webbing. You can clip things to it, like your phone, doggy bags, keys, etc.

Perfect for walking.  Runners, many have been using it for running,, however, we have other products that are better suited for running 
because this lamp may be too big and heavy.


battery life             Up to 57 hours on lowest setting of 4 LEDs

powered by           3 AAA Alkaline batteries inside the lamp, battery compartment slides out

lumens                 Unknown, lights up to about 50 feet

lamp adjustment    It can be moved (tilts) up or down to point the light to desired area near or far

lamp modes          The lamp has 4 modes 4 LEDs, 8, 18 and 18 flashing

belt                      1 inch wide with adjustable side release buckle, two sizes, currently offered in Black

LIGHTWALKER new lamp as of 2018 
with rechargeable & motion detection light  LINK

(For Walking or Running.  Original model has been replaced by this version, belt is the same and comes in two sizes, the lamp is smaller but very bright)

​250 Lumens, apoproximate 5 hours of use on brightest setting and 9 hours on lower setting
Water resistant, can be worn in the rain, not submerged

(Adjustable 33-45 inches, lights up from behind to make you more visible) comes with USB cable

Light2run      LINK
(Our newest running lighting solution to see and be seen, super bright 250 lumens rechargeable front light and lighted belt  28-45 inches adjustable, also great for walking)  

Comes with  2 USB cables, one to charge the lamp and the other to charge the belt

Light2run VIDEO

​Is the light2run belt   TOO LARGE  for you?  
(Note that this video shows a different lamp than the one we currently use.)
You can cut the excess watch the video   CLICK HERE


​ALL products come in environmentally friendly packaging that is easy to open and does not contain plastic.


2010    Idea for product

2011    started selling online  
            Filed trademark for LIGHTWALKER
            Featured in Modern Dog Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

2012    Trademark registered

2013    Patent filed  
            Started selling on Amazon

2014    Patent granted US20140192517 A1

2017    Started selling in Europe

2018    Lamp changed to smaller rechargeable